Learning to Play Guitar

I had always wanted to play guitar, but just never had the time to learn.  Then my girls grew up and went on to college, and I decided that it was time to make my dream a reality.  So I found a teacher, my husband found me a great acoustic guitar at a tag sale and I was ready to begin.  We started with a few basic chords, and I was on my way. Those few chords seemed to be the entry into lots and lots of songs. It didn’t seem too hard.  My teacher would pour me a glass of wine, we would sit down and play a few tunes and it was fantastic!   But then I got serious and the work got  hard.  My lessons began to delve into music theory and my teacher demanded that I understand major, minor and dominant. The chords became more difficult and remembering all the shapes was taxing on my aging brain.  My fingers hurt after playing.  I was frustrated when we ventured into different tunings and moving chords up and down the fretboard.  OK, there were times when I almost cried it was so hard.  I thought about quitting my lessons and just going back to playing songs with those few open chords I had learned, but there is something about the constant challenge and those times when I work hard and finally get things right that is so powerful and so addicting, so I carry on.  I want to find ways to make my students love the challenge and the growth that comes from learning something new and trying to be the best.


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