Doc’s 90th birthday party was a grand celebration.  A beautiful table was set by his son with linen, lace, china, place cards, the works.  The table filled with family, friends, neighbors and colleagues from the dental office. There was laughter, talk of days past and days ahead, and Doc loved every minute of the event.  This week, Doc is moving to a memory care wing of a nursing home.  In just three years, we have seen our once robust neighbor go from mowing his own lawn, plowing his own driveway, running his own life to a man who can’t remember if his wife has died or not (she has), who has lost complete track of time, and who often thinks people are taking cars from his garage. He has not completely lost his memory.  There are times when he seems perfectly fine..the way Doc used to be.  But things are getting dangerous now.  He needs full time care.  He can’t be on his own, in the house he has lived in for 60 some years. We all understand that this has to be done, but none of us like it.  We will miss having our dear friend next door.


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