Tell Me a Story



slice-of-life_individual.jpg (849×850)We sat in a beautiful courtyard, around a dinner table laden with regional pastas, anchovies on toast,  and the local Sangiovese wine.  The conversation was free flowing and fascinating; politics, travel, fashion, ideas.  We were meeting our daughter’s bosses and colleagues, the people she is spending all of her time with at her new job in Italy.  Suddenly her boss turns to me and says, “Tell me a story about Morgan!”  A long (and awkward) pause…I was suddenly at a loss for words.  I have millions of stories about Morgan, but which one is the one to tell?  Do I tell a funny story?  A serious one?  An early one?  A recent one?  Which one of the millions would be the one to tell right here…right now? I froze.  I said I’d have to think about it.  I never came up with just the right story to tell.  


10 thoughts on “Tell Me a Story

  1. First of all…way cool that you’re in Italy! I love it there!!! Secondly, I totally get how you felt. Being put on the spot is so hard. Hopefully you’ll think of just the right story to tell!! 😄 welcome to the challenge!

  2. I hate that feeling. You know you have so many things to say but just can’t think clearly when the pressure is on. The more you think about it, the harder it gets! You will just have to write one in a slice this month and send the person the link!

  3. That’s what we do, we tell stories, one at a time. Perhaps one day you will be able to tell that boss a story about your daughter. It will be just the right one. Welcome to the challenge!

  4. Despite being one who is rarely without words, I can definitely identify with how hard it is to find just the right thing to say when everyone is looking at you. As Readwriteteachmakedinner said above, your story is a great metaphor for the challenge…so many stories to tell, but which one is the right one for any given day!?

  5. I love how you told this moment so simply. And I certainly know the feeling of being put on the spot! There’s a French expression that I’m always reminded of: l’esprit de l’escalier or staircase wit, when you finally think of the perfect reply, but too late!

  6. I like how this comfortable, inviting scene unexpectedly lurches into the uncomfortable, open-ended finish. Plenty of chances this month to test-drive stories in search of right ones 🙂

  7. I have a feeling we are going to be reading several Morgan stories in the days and weeks to come – can’t wait! It is interesting that you were visiting your expat daughter as my mom just arrived last night to visit this iteration of our expat life. Happy Slicing!

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