The First Story



“It’s a boy.”  The doctor had stated it with such confidence as we sat in his office after the ultrasound. A boy. How exciting, I thought. We decided to name him Zachary. (As we were waiting for the doctor to come in, we had noticed that all of his ‘OBGYN Today’ magazines were still wrapped in plastic.)  

Forward a few months:  I’m in the delivery room, the baby is born, and the doctor says, “It’s a girl!”  

“Are you sure?”  my husband asks.

“I don’t usually make a mistake in that area, but I’ll check. It’s most definitely a girl!”

A girl?  Another girl?  How wonderful!  But what will we name her, I thought.  “What about Morgan?” I said to my husband.  My boss just named his daughter Morgan, and I loved the name.

“Morgan it is!” my husband replied.

And that’s the first story I can tell about Morgan.  My little Zachary who became my beautiful, strong, smart, funny daughter, Morgan.


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