Reconsidering Homework Space



As a teacher, I had strongly suggested to parents that they provide a quiet space where their children could do their homework.  A place where they could sit comfortably, quietly, with good lighting and all the right supplies. 

At home with my own children, a different scenario emerged.  I had always done my work, written my letters, and paid my bills at the dining room table.  The girls would be playing in the living room, the dog running around the house, my husband watching the news or cooking up some dinner.  I have always liked working in the middle of it all. The girls had grown up with this, so it was only natural that when it was time for them to do their “work” they wanted to do it at the dining room table. It was a busy place; dinner cooking, one daughter practicing piano, the other standing at the table doing her homework (she rarely sat), and occasionally running off to do a skating jump or dance move in the middle of an assignment. But the work got done and done well. Somehow it felt right to have the homework space in the middle of it all.  


4 thoughts on “Reconsidering Homework Space

  1. I always did my homework at the kitchen table and now find myself working at the dining room table as well! Good food for thought for parents and teachers-and for kids to start thinking about for themselves. There is no “right way.”

  2. Have you modified your suggestions of possibility with the parents of your students? I think the ‘it is done and done well’ is probably the goal. It would be fascinating to have a collection of pictures of where your students do their work.

    1. I love the idea of pictures. I’m also thinking that maybe this should be a conversation with children and parents. Ask, “Where does your child do his/her best work?” Thanks for the ideas.

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