Biscuits and Blogs


I love breakfast.  I love everything about it; the quiet morning, the taste, the food possibilities (eggs, muffins, bagels and cream cheese, cream of wheat and sometimes even apple pie), the coffee (ah, the coffee), and the idea that you are starting again.  Ahead of you exists a new day, a new chance, a new adventure. I love making breakfast too.  The first thing I ask when the kids come home for a visit is, “What do you want for breakfast tomorrow?”  They choose their favorites (I really don’t need to ask.).  It could be cinnamon rolls, or banana muffins, or corn muffins with real corn.  In the fall it might be pumpkin muffins with scrambled eggs and bacon. I get up early, stir the batter, start up the oven, and as soon as I hear footsteps upstairs, I put the muffins or biscuits in the oven so that the smell fills the house.  This is the way I remember waking up on the weekends as a child.  This is now a memory that I have shared with my girls since they were born. And now, as I’m preparing biscuits and warming the oven so that the wonderful smell of breakfast fills the air when my daughter wakes up, I have the added pleasure of blogging about it.  What could be better than biscuits and blogs?



5 thoughts on “Biscuits and Blogs

  1. I love this. You’re a great mom. Your love for your family shines through your writing and when you talk about them. You’ve created memories and traditions that I’m sure your own girls will carry on. I can only hope for the same for my own girls some day. ❤

    1. I love being a mom….It is still such fun, even now that the kids are grown and living on their own. It just gets better and better. You are an amazing mom. Enjoy the adventure!

  2. I can almost smell the biscuits!! You create a beautiful image here with your words. I also love how you connect it back to your own childhood.

  3. Now I’m hungry! My husband makes apple pie from scratch (he makes pumpkin from scratch too, but I don’t like pumpkin so I don’t care). Anyway, leftover apple pie for breakfast is one of my favorites. Yum! I love that you ask your kids even though you know what their answer will be.

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