Caffe Society


Do the Italians just have more to say or do they just say more?  My husband and I recently traveled to a small, rather unknown, city in Italy. In the late afternoons, we would park ourselves in a caffe on a piazza and order an Aperol Fizz (Aperol with champagne).  The waiter would always bring some nice snacks with the drinks (Potato chips seemed very popular!).  We would sit for an hour or so and just watch.  We noticed how long people were able to sit, sipping just one drink. No one seemed to be in a rush to go anywhere.  No one had a cell phone on the table. They talked and gestured, and talked some more.  They laughed and talked (and smoked) and gestured some more. They talked rapidly and seemed to have endless things to talk about.  Someone would walk by and be invited to join the conversation.  Again, talk, talk, talk.  

What were they talking about?  Were they talking about the same things we were talking about?  Were their conversations more interesting?  Did they have more to talk about, or did they just use more words to talk about the same old things?


6 thoughts on “Caffe Society

  1. Sounds lovely! No rushing. Whenever we are out, I’m so aware of the antisocial behaviors around me-especially the preoccupation of cell phones. I wonder how they have avoided this! It seems like you were able to witness what they value in that small town…a kind of learning walk!

  2. I love people watching. It’s true, when you travel abroad you become even more aware of the way others interact. The Europeans have a way of not rushing through meals and truly engaging with one another.

  3. Oh, living vicariously through your post! I visited once a very long time ago and always said that I would love to live in Italy! I could sit and talk and not rush all day long! Italians seem so joyful and boisterous and I would love to join in the culture. Thank you for sharing!

  4. I love the first line, “Do the Italians just have more to say or do they just say more?” Your post created a vivid picture of the cafe in Italy. Sounds like fun.

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