Snow Days, Slow Days


“Schools will be closed today, Friday, March 10, 2017, for all students and staff.” A snow day.  A Friday snow day!  I didn’t think we would have a full day off, but here it is. It’s 5:30 am.  What’s the first thing I do?  Make a list, of course!  How much can I accomplish in one extra day?  (If you read my post about time, you know I don’t like to waste it!)  Pay bills, book summer vacation, clean up that pile of stuff, plan next week’s demonstration lessons, book medical appointments, and (of course) write some blog posts. I jumped into the list and started to get things done.  Pay bills, check.  Plan lessons, check.  Book summer vacation spot, check.  

At some point in the late morning, I decided to go upstairs and get into some real clothes.  While I was up there, I spotted a box tucked in the corner.  It was a box that my stepfather had sent more than a year ago. I saw the letters in thick black marker on the side: Mom’s Things.  I picked up the box and put it on the bed.  I looked in to see what the box held.  There were all the cards I had received when mom died almost two years ago.  I sat down on the bed, picked up the first card, read it, and then proceeded to read through each one (There must have been over 60 cards.) Then I worked through the photographs. She had kept every picture I had sent her of the girls, every little card they had drawn, every note or card we had sent her.  There were yellowing copies of newspaper articles about her days as a fashion designer, and later an artist. I even found the first passport we had as kids, with a picture of mom, my sister, and me.  I must have been about 5. I smiled, I cried, I reveled in the memories.

When I finally worked through the entire box and looked up at the clock, hours had gone by.  I’m not sure they were the most productive hours.  I’m not sure I got anything done, but I know those were the most important hours of my day.  I need to remember to leave some time in my life to slow down, relax, reflect, and just be.



13 thoughts on “Snow Days, Slow Days

  1. So glad you took the time to be present and enjoy the box of memories. And that you can recognize that those were the most important hours of your day!

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