Teaching is Hard, and Hard is Necessary

“Reading is hard, and hard is necessary.” This quote was in a recent post on The Nerdy Book Club titled “Spontaneous Reading: 2016 and My Personal Literary Revolution.”  According to McKinsey Crozier, the author of the post, these words of advice were hanging on the wall of her  high school English classroom.  Crozier goes on to talk about the need to push yourself into uncomfortable places as a reader.  Places where you are scared, touched, and challenged.  

As an educator, I am constantly putting myself in situations that are uncomfortable. I thrive on trying new things (hence my interest in this SOL challenge). I love to learn.  I’ve always said, “When I think I know everything about teaching, fire me or force me to retire!”  Even when I think things are going well, I know they can get better.  I used to work for someone who encouraged us to always try to lift the level of our work; go from good to great.  

This is not to say that I greet every challenge with open arms.  New ideas can create anxiety.  Can I do this?  It will take more work.  It will be hard. Sometimes I have to push myself.  I think I will post the words, “Teaching is hard, and hard is necessary.” on the wall of my office.  Thank you, McKinsey Crozier (and your wise English teacher).



7 thoughts on “Teaching is Hard, and Hard is Necessary

  1. This reminds me how you noticed kids get a little uneasy during Jen Serravallo’s small groups last year… because it was a little challenging and those kids always rose to the occasion. I may steal your idea and use this quote as well! I’ve had some conversations recently that have me feeling discouraged about this very thing. Happy to have a pal like you who has a similar outlook!

    1. I think we need to keep coming back to the idea that learning takes place when you are a bit outside your comfort zone. I am happy to work side by side with you too!

  2. This quote really has me thinking this morning. In this day and age we all want things quick and easy and it’s nice to be reminded that hard is sometimes necessary to help us grow.

  3. That quote caught my eye, too. I like how you extend its scope in this slice. Stretching, personally and professionally can be healthy, even as we acknowledge that changing habits can be hard.

  4. Yes! You spoke so many words right to my heart. Teaching is supposed to be hard. It isn’t just reading out of a book or handing out worksheets. It is engaging students, it is reaching students, it is pushing students – times twenty or more. I will be hanging this up in my office as well. Thank you!!

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