Make Something


A friend (and fellow Slicer) told me about the recent article in the New York Times by Amy Krouse Rosenthal where she basically creates a dating profile for the husband she is going to have to leave due to her tragic cancer diagnosis.  Since reading that beautiful piece, I have become an AKR groupie.  I’ve ordered a bunch of her books – for adults and children, I’ve read about her on her website, and then again with her recent obituary.  Yesterday another friend shared a video Amy had created on 08/08/08 called The Beckoning of Lovely. In the video, she encourages a gathering of random people to make something.  People created and held up signs that said, “Make someone’s day.  Make peace,” and even, “Make out.” After watching this short piece, I began to wonder, “What am I making?



7 thoughts on “Make Something

  1. I have been a big fan of AKR for a long time. She truly was an inspiration. What you made today is memories for me of her wonderful book OK. I love how she reassures all of us that trying is most important. Being best happens sometimes, but often it’s OK to be OK.

    1. I wish I had known her writing when she was alive, but I’m so glad I’ve discovered her. I plan to keep her legacy alive through my children, grandchildren, students, and friends.

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