News About Missy

A fellow Slicer recently posted a found poem using the news as her source.  I thought it sounded like fun, so I’m giving it a try.

Missy Elliott, number 3 out of 25.

Divines the future.

Never dystopian.

I’m better.

“Save the Humans” on her jacket.

In a climate of uncertainty and fear,

An alien message of hope, and a

Get up in the morning, rise-and-grind style.

I’m better.

Willfully warped nouns.

A far cooler way of going about life and language.

Bends time to her will.

I’m better,

I’m better,

I’m better!

This poem was inspired by the NYT Magazine’s “25 Songs That Tell Us Where Music is Going” (March 12, 2017). The author of the Missy Elliott piece is Julianne Escobedo Shepherd.  She gave me some great lines to “find.”





11 thoughts on “News About Missy

  1. Love the “willfully warped nouns”! Enjoying how the found poems look! I didn’t have the courage to use the “news” so I tried info from a website instead. FUN!

  2. You’ll laugh (I hope) when I tell you that I found myself trying to guess what type of news story, or what specific news story, each line was from. For example, I would love to read whatever, “A far cooler way of going about life and language.” came from. (I even looked for source notes at the bottom.) 🙂

    1. The article about Missy Elliot was from a piece in the New York Times Magazine last week titled “25 Songs That Tell Us Where Music is Going. I probably should have cited the source! I’ll edit my post and add this info. It seems important.

  3. “An alien message of hope…”

    Really nicely done found poem. I think I will have to add it to my “try this” list for this month’s slicing!

    1. The news story was well written, so it wasn’t too hard to find some great phrases. Then I just played with the order a bit, and there it was! I will try it again using other sources. I’ll try it with kids too. I think they would find some quick success.

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