Our kids lead adventurous lives.  One lives and works in Italy for a start up fashion company, one is creating her own supper club business while keeping long hours at her full time job in New York, one is a mother to two toddlers, a wife and a full time teacher, and the fourth travels all over the country promoting his music business.  

What always strikes me, then, is their love of tradition and familiarity. I talked with two of the kids this week.  One of the girls is planning to visit over the St. Patrick’s Day weekend.  “You’re going to make Irish Soda Bread, right?” she asks on the phone.  Of course I’m going to make Irish Soda Bread.  I do it every year, and I know she loves it!  When she’s home, she’ll curl up on the couch in the spot that has been hers since she was about 5 and drape herself with the old woolen blanket we’ve had forever. She’ll have her favorite tea and sit in “her” seat at the dining room table.

Another daughter emailed this week to tell me that when she returns from Italy for a few weeks in the spring, she wants to come home, take long walks with the dog, work on her dollhouse, watch Jeopardy, and have ice cream after dinner. All the things she always wants to do when she comes home.

There is something so surprising in their desire for the familiar and routine.  There is something so comforting in it as well.  So…..familiar.



4 thoughts on “Tradition…..Tradition!

  1. Wonderful eye for comforting, familiar routines. I’ll have the chance to visit my family soon, and I can imagine the traditions we’ll wrap ourselves in like tiny blankets.

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