Changing My Name


In a recent SOL post, a friend and colleague wrote about the challenge of choosing a name for a child.  I remember it well.  First, trying to work through names for girls and boys (nothing too popular, but nothing too obscure either), then drilling that list down to names that both my husband and I could agree on.  I remember coming home from work one afternoon filled with excitement for the name Courtney, only to hear my husband say, “That’s a nice name…(elated)…for someone else’s child….(deflated).” After we crafted a list that worked for both of us, we tried out the first name with some middle names and then with the last name, making sure everything sounded just right.  We also worked out every possible rhyme or play on words that could go with each name to protect our child from any bullies at school (There went Tucker, another of my favorites!).  We even considered things like the length of the name – Was Mackensie going to be too long to write in first grade? – and how the name looked when you wrote it (in print and cursive). It went on and on.

Now I’m faced with a similar challenge. My daughter (Mackensie – a beautiful name if you ask me) suggested that the name of my blog could be changed to be more reflective of who I am and what I’m writing about.  She’s right.  Poonam1 doesn’t say much to anyone other than the few people who know where that name came from. “It sounds more like a password,” Mackensie said.  Again, I agree.

My task this week is to rename my blog.  Maybe I’ll name it Courtney!




7 thoughts on “Changing My Name

  1. I agree with your daughter. Blogs are part of a public identity, so names matter. Also, be sure to add a tag to your blog (replacing the This is a WordPress Blog). Think of it as digital graffiti, tagging your space with a bit of who you are.

  2. I laughed out loud as I read this, remembering the naming process for my own children and your discarding of Tucker. ( I still recall my bil saying about our choice of Lydia, “They’ll say Lydia, Lydia has chlamydia.” Hasn’t happened!) Good luck with naming your blog. I do think your daughter has a point, but lucky you, there’s no impending due date other than the one you assign yourself. You’ve got time, so enjoy the process. Chances are, you can get another slice out of it! 🙂

  3. Like a password – ha! Best wishes for your re-christening. As for ‘poonam,’ it makes me smile because it sounds like a Yiddish word my grandmother would use when she grabbed my face before planting a kiss on the cheek.

  4. I am so thankful I was not teaching when I had our children. So many names are associated with certain students…if you know what I mean! What a fun task to do this week. I can’t wait to see what you choose!

  5. What a fun post. You grabbed me with the opening and then I forgot about it as you took me on the journey of naming a child yourself and finally brought me back to your blog in the end. The “elated / deflated”, “There went Tucker”, and “Maybe I’ll name it Courtney” were my favorite bits.

  6. I was excited to read this after you told me a bit about it today. I laughed out loud at the Tucker part. The rhythms are real! My Dad is a master limerick(er?) and can turn any name into an inappropriate jingle. So this also adds to the struggle of naming children. I also cannot wait to find out what you decide on!

  7. Enjoyed the deliberation over children’s names and how it has lead to you considering renaming your blog.It was a smooth segue. Titles are so important; be it for a person ,a pet, a book or a blog. They deserve much consideration. I pondered the title of my last poetry book (for kids) for some months. In the end it took almost as much time as writing the book itself. I’m happy with what arose from that process. So, i wish you well in your quest. You are right about the current title. It remains a mystery to those of us not privy to the backstory. Ponder on!

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