Doing Good

When we put our kids (our own and our students) into the world, we hope that the world will be good to them and that they will be good to the world. Last night, I witnessed my son, once again, working to make the world a better place.  My husband, daughter, and I were invited to one of Pete’s fundraising events since it was being held in New York City.  It was a school night, and it’s a bit of a drive, but we wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Pete runs a company that brings music (recorded and live, professional and amateur) to the bedsides of patients. This isn’t a music therapy program, but through the simple act of bringing music to people who are hospitalized, miracles happen.  Children smile for the first time in weeks, adults sing along to favorite tunes, patients who don’t speak English connect through favorite songs, and families, friends, doctors and nurses are joined together for a brief moment and transported to a place of solace.

I recently watched Drew Dudley’s TED Talk about leadership. In it he talks about the need to get over our fear of how extraordinarily powerful we can be in each other’s lives. He encourages us to value the impact we can have on other people more than we value money and power and titles and influence. Last night, Pete did just that.  He celebrated the many volunteers and community members who make the musical moments happen. He celebrated the musicians, he celebrated the donors, and he celebrated the patients.  The event was filled with gratitude and, of course, music.  We were all healed last night as we were reminded that we all have the power and the obligation to do some good in this world and to make a difference.




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