New Things

I’ve always wanted to be a writer. I’ve always loved to write. I kept notebooks (journals, really) when I was in high school, travel journals when I went to new places, jotted interesting words, quotes and phrases on scraps of paper, wrote cards and letters, kept  a writers notebooks after going to the Summer Writing Institute at TC, and wrote about the books I was reading in my reading journal.  This doesn’t even include my writing of daily lists and emails, or the writing I do at work to prepare for coaching cycles or share information with teachers and students.

So why did it take me so long to start a blog?  I’ve always wanted to.  Friends and family encouraged me.  “You’ll love it!  It’s a perfect way for you to write and share your ideas with others!” they would say.  “It’s so easy to set up. You’re a good writer.  Just do it.” So why did it take me so many years to get started? I would see the annual SOL Challenge and think maybe this is the year I should try it, and the month of March would slip by..again.  No blog. My kids started blogs; one on fashion, one on food, one on music.  I can do that, I thought.  Still…no blog.  A friend and I talked and talked about creating a blog together.  It was all talk, and no blog.

There is something hard and a bit terrifying about trying something new.  It’s not part of you yet.  It is foreign. Even when everyone around you shows confidence in your ability, you doubt yourself.  Will the writing be any good?  Are you sure you have ideas? Will it resonate with others?  You’re not sure if you will be able to commit to this, in addition to everything else you’re doing?  Will it become part of who you are?  But then you do it.  You throw yourself in.  You start writing.  People start commenting.  You have new ideas.  New posts. New friends. It starts to become part of your routine.  You can’t imagine the morning without writing (and coffee).  It becomes part of you. It becomes natural.  Then it hits you: You are a writer.



7 thoughts on “New Things

    1. Managing the daily blogging habit in March brings blogging at a less relentless pace within your reach. At least, that’s been my experience. I know this feeling: “You can’t imagine the morning without writing.” And nowadays it’s usually easier to imagine myself writing than not writing.

  1. You were a writer even before your blog, now you are a blogger. March will wrap up. You will be thrilled that you made it. Tuesdays will come and you will write and dip back into this community and you will enjoy it, but March is a special time – thankfully it comes each year.

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