Day 27…

When I’m on vacation, it takes me a few days to get adjusted, to settle in.  It takes a day or two to sleep past 5:30 am, to relax in the morning, to get out of the routine.  The next part of the vacation is the best.  I get into a new groove, and learn how to live with this new, more relaxed, more flexible, slower schedule.  But then the end of the vacation looms near, and I start to worry.  I’ll miss this way of being. Will I be able to get back to the work routine, but still hold onto some of what I’ve experienced over the vacation?  Today is Day 27 of the SOL Challenge.  I’ve written a post each and every day this month.  I’m proud of myself.  I’m in  a writing routine.  I’m coming up with ideas.  I’ve found other bloggers to follow and who follow me. My writing is getting better. I’m enjoying the whole experience. But what now?  When this challenge ends in just a few days, will I continue my writing habit?  Should I keep writing every day, or go down to once a week (with the expectation that I will craft and revise some posts to make them better)? Will the Slicers I follow keep writing?  Will this community continue on?  I certainly hope so. It’s part of me now.






8 thoughts on “Day 27…

  1. This is my third year, so I know that feeling. I hope you will continue to slice on Tuesdays. There are lots of other blog memes you can get involved in on other days if you are inspired. I always tell myself I will actually “craft” my Tuesday slices more carefully with a week to write, but sadly I still rush to get it done on Tuesday night.

  2. Great insight! I can totally relate to this- the phases going in, during, and out of vacation. I hate to say I intended to continue slicing but I fell off the wagon. I hope you have better luck and keep up with these great routines!

  3. I feel ya. I get this same feeling every year when the challenge is nearing the end. I vow to write every Tuesday, and I do, for a while. But without the routine of writing daily, I lose stamina. I hope to keep writing everyday, even if it’s just a little, just in a notebook. I cherish this writing community and am so grateful for it!

  4. It is like coming off of a high! I hope you continue slicing on Tuesday, and Ruth Ayres has a weekend community that celebrates the great things from our week. Both have brought so much to my writing life. I encourage you to continue, too.

  5. It is such a tremendous community. I am glad you have felt so welcome. Your reflections are very true – there is ease in every day and freedom in knowing that a first draft is OK. When the routine changes to once a week it is easier to miss a week and sometimes that becomes a pattern. It is also hard to not feel that with an entire week that you need to produce something that is so much more than what you write now. What doesn’t change is the welcoming and supportive community of writers who do show up.

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