Fish Love

In yesterday’s blog post, I took issue with the idea that we reward children for doing things like raising money to fight cancer with pizza parties and prizes.  I got on my soap box a bit and tried to make the argument that we should show children how to do things because they are right, and not because there is a reward.  In response, I received this incredible cartoon  Fish Love from fellow Slicer Cast of Characters.  This cartoon says so much about what I believe to be true.  I have never seen it, and probably never would have seen it if it hadn’t been for the SOL Challenge!  From now on, I will live just a little bit differently because of this interaction.

For me, finding this community of deep thinkers (and talented writers) has been a huge reward. I didn’t join the challenge to find a reward or because there was a pizza party promised if I blogged every day. I joined so that I could push myself as a writer and read the writing of others. The giving has been an amazing experience, but the getting has been pretty amazing too.

Thank you to Two Writing Teachers and to all of the Slicers who have made this month one incredible experience!  I am forever changed (for the better).




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