No Words

This morning I’m preparing to write two cards.  One card to congratulate a family member on their recent wedding.  One to a dear friend who just lost her 26 year old son.  One card is bright and sparkly with a silk bow and bold silver and gold lettering.  The other has subdued grays and blues and a smaller, cursive font. In one card, I’m sending wishes for a long future together, filled with love, laughter, and eternal happiness.  In the other, I’m urging my friend to take life one day (sometimes one minute) at a time, and to have strength, hold onto memories, lean on the people she knows and loves.  Life is complicated. I don’t know what else to say. I can’t find the words.



10 thoughts on “No Words

  1. Beautiful post… to honor those experiencing life is an important thing to do. Life has such “ups and downs” (sorry–that’s so cliche)… feel so bad for the family who lost their son.

  2. So kind of you to send cards – sometimes I think that sending cards is becoming a lost art! It’s so easy to send a text or email. A card involves more thought and time and work – that work is packed with meaning, I know the meaning will shine through in both cards – for both the joyous occasion and the somber one.

  3. Writing with purpose may be a misnomer, as you document. You’re writing with purposes — plural and, in some ways, diverging.. Thinking of you as you navigate serviceable and inadequate words.

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